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Category A1 Licence - 125cc

    • 17+: Entry age of 17 and over
    • DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: valid CBT certificate, valid theory test certificate and a valid licence
  • LATEST MACHINERY: At Top Notch Training we use the lastest Yamaha machinery. The bikes we use for the AM licence are (below):

Image result for ys125Yamaha YS 125

Image result for yamaha nmaxYamaha NMAX 125

After CBT

  • Ride any machine up to 125cc
  • L plates must be displayed
  • No passengers
  • Not allowed on motorways

After Full A1 Test Completion

  • Ride any machine up to 125cc
  • No L plates
  • Passengers allowed
  • Allowed on motorways
  • At 19 years old, you can take category A2 test to ride a bike up to 35kW or 46.6bhp
  • If you decide not to to take an A2 Licence at 19+, but wait until you are 24 to take the Full Catagory A Licence, you will need a valid Theory Test certificate.

When you’ve satisfactorily completed your Full Category A1 Motorcycle Test you will be restricted to riding a bike of up to 125cc.  At 19 years old, you can take the Category A2 test and progress to higher-powered bikes, which will be limited to 35kW (46.6bhp).