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CBT Course Norwich

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    • 6-8 hours.
    • GATEWAY to riding a motorcycle.
    • £110.00 with your own bike.
    • £120.00 with hired bike.
  • DUPLICATE CERTIFICATES available on request for £20


YS 125

YS 125

Neo's 1

Neo’s 1

D'elight 115

D’elight 115

Yamaha Cygnus

Yamaha Cygnus

Yamaha Vity 125

Yamaha Vity 125

Image result for yamaha nmaxYamaha Nmax 125

The CBT is your gateway to riding a motorcycle. Whether you want to trundle around town on ‘L’ plates, or go for your full licence, it all starts with a CBT.

The CBT takes a full day and involves some time in a classroom, some time with the bikes off-road, then some time on the road. It is an engaging and fun day, we provide you with all the safety gear (helmet, gloves, jacket etc.), just bring your lunch – and your licence!

All learner motorcyclists and moped riders must satisfactorily complete a CBT before riding on the road. The whole course takes approx 6 to 8 hours.

We have CBT courses at both our Norwich (Tinklers) and North Walsham (DRDs) sites, all further (post-CBT) training is conducted from our Norwich site.

So What’s Involved?

  • First the eyesight test and documentation check, then a safety talk.

    Before we begin you must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres (approx. 67 feet). If you cannot do this, the course will not continue.

  • Learning the controls of the bike.

    After checking your eye sight and a brief safety talk we start with the basics of the bike. We begin by looking at the controls of the bike and what each lever and switch does. You will be asked a few questions about road signs, so please ensure you are familiar with the highway code.

  • Learning to ride the bike.

    Theory out of the way – we get to have some fun. This is not done on the road, (that comes later). Within a safe controlled environment we allow you to gradually progress at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

  • Road Safety.

    We discuss general road safety and how, as a motorcyclist, we need to pay particular attention to certain areas.

  • Riding on the roads.

    After practicing within the safety of a traffic free environment, we will then venture out on the open road. Whilst in constant radio contact with one of our experienced instructors you will be shown how to relate the techniques that you learnt and practiced earlier to on the road situations.
    When you’ve satisfactorily completed your CBT course you’ll be given a “Certificate of Completion of an Approved Training Course for Motor Vehicles in Categories A and AM” or DL196 for short.

Category A is for motorcycles, and category AM is for mopeds.

With the DL196 and your provisional licence you’re now licenced to ride on the road with L plates (D plates in Wales) and to practice for your motorcycle or moped test.
The certificate is valid for 2 years. If you don’t pass both your theory and practical tests within that time you will have to take your CBT again.

Essential Kit

Motorcycle helmet, to current British standards. Motorcycle jacket, Gloves. Minimum requirement is to wear jeans and boots, which provide ankle coverage/protection.

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  • Richa Gotham - Black

    Richa Gotham - Black Motorcycle Jacket - £99.99

  • Richa Gotham - Fluorescent

    Richa Gotham - Fluorescent Motorcycle Jacket - £99.99

  • Richa Titan - Black

    Richa Titan Black - £99.99 - comes with shoulder and elbow armour. Abrasion tested material - not waterproof.

  • Richa Everest Trousers - Black

    Richa Everest Trousers - £79.99 - Standard Leg Sports styled textile trouser. With CE armour in knees and detachable thermal.

  • Richa Hammer Jeans - Black

    Richa Hammer Jeans - Black - £79.99

  • Furygan Trekker Evo Trousers

    Furygan Trekker Evo Trousers £149.99

  • Furygan Wind Jacket

    Furygan Wind Jacket £199.99

  • Furygan Digital Jacket Khaki

    Furygan Digital Jacket Khaki £189.99

  • Richa Zenith Boots

    Richa Zenith Boots £69.99

  • LS2 ff352 Rookie White Helmet

    LS2 ff352 Rookie White Helmet £44.99

  • Richa Hammer Jeans - Blue

    Richa Hammer Jeans - Blue - £79.99

  • LS2 ff352 Rookie Gloss Black Helmet

    LS2 ff352 Rookie Gloss Black Helmet £44.99

  • LS2 ff352 Rookie Matt Black Helmet

    LS2 ff352 Rookie Matt Black Helmet £49.99