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A Direct Access Course (DAS)

Direct Access Course (DAS) – Norwich

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All courses can be tailor made to your requirements – if the option you need isn’t below, please call us on 01603 699806




  • 24+: Entry age of 24 and over
  • DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: valid CBT certificate, valid motorcycle theory certificate and valid licence
  • ENTRY AGE OF 21: if you have held a Full Category A2 Motorcycle Licence for more than 2 years
  • LATEST MACHINERY: At Top Notch Training we use the lastest Yamaha machinery. The bikes we use for the A Direct Access Course are the XJ6 and MT 07 – both fitted with heated grips:
Yamaha MT 07

Yamaha MT 07








When you’ve completed your Full Category A Motorcycle Test, we recommend advanced training which will not only help you become a safer rider, but will also qualify you for substantial insurance discounts.

Example of an DAS Course (1 to 1 Training):

Saturday = 4 Hours Training
Sunday = 4 Hours Training
Monday = Mod 1 Test
Tuesday = 2 Hours Training
Wednesday = 2 Hours Training
Friday = Mod 2 Test

Tailor made courses are available on request.

After CBT

  • Ride any machine up to 125cc
  • L plates must be displayed
  • No passengers
  • Not allowed on motorways

After Full A Test Completion

  • Ride any machine of any power
  • No L plates
  • Passengers allowed
  • Allowed on motorways