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Law Changes for 2013

New Rules From January 2013

The rules for motorcycle and moped licences changed from 19 January 2013.

How this affects you depends on whether you’re a new rider after the rules take effect or an existing rider.

New drivers

You’re allowed to ride any vehicle listed across from your licence category.


Riders holding a licence before 19 January 2013


If you’re already licensed to ride a moped your driving licence will show a category P. The new rules won’t affect you, but any new licences issued to you will show categories AM and Q in the table above, plus category P, which will also allow you to ride two- or three-wheeled mopeds with a top speed of 50 km/h.

Motorcycles or tricycles

If you’re already licensed to ride a motorcycle, your licence should show category A. This will be the same when you replace your licence after 19 January 2013.
If you hold category B1 (trikes and quads), when you renew or replace your licence after 19 January 2013 it will show categories B1 and A (limited to tricycles).
You’ll only be offered a test for mopeds with 3 or 4 wheels, or A1 tricycles and A tricycles if you have a physical disability.