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The Theory Test

  • BOOK YOUR TEST ONLINE from the official website or call 0300 200 1122
  • CAN BE DONE ANYTIME from before CBT Test, up to Mod1 Test.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE test, followed by –
  • TRAINING DVDs available to borrow.

If you’re looking to progress on to a full licence of any category, then in addition to a valid CBT, you will need a Motorcycle Theory certificate. This can be done at any point throughout your training up to when you take the Mod1 test, but we recommend that you get this done before you start your training. If you want to get things moving a little bit quicker, then you could even get your Theory Test done before your CBT.

The Theory Test is a computerised multiple choice test made up from mocked real life situations, followed by a computerised Hazard Perception Test – an interactive simulation with a ‘click the mouse when you spot the danger’ answer system.

Like any test, the more revision you do the more likely you are to pass. One of the best ways to revise is by doing some mock tests, which can be found on training DVDs or on the government website (click here).

Training DVDs, complete with mock tests are available to borrow from us for a returnable £10 deposit.
Training for the motorcycle theory test is available by one of our experienced instructors, at a fee of £10.00 per hour.

How to Pass the Theory Test – Official DSA Guide